If you are a tennis fan and looking to buy cheap tennis tickets for any of the major tennis tournaments in the world, then we have an exhaustive list of websites which allow you do that. We will keep updating this list of ticket websites with all the information around it which you can use to decide which is the best option you can use to buy your tickets at the lowest cost for any of the top tennis matches in the world.

Please note the information is correct at the time of writing. If you find any discrepancy in the provided information, kindly write to us and we will confirm and change things around.

The Official Tickets Websites

Each of the tennis tournament in the world has their own website which points to where to buy their tickets. In this first section below, we have made a mention of all the official major tennis tournament websites linking to their ticket information page.

You can get these tennis tickets by clicking on the page it’s linking to.

1. Australian Open

Australian Open tickets can bought from their official website here, but even the website then leads you to an external ticketing website like TicketMaster. More information on how to buy Australian Open tickets with our ultimate guide here.

2. French Open

French Open sells their official tickets here. Tickets are usually released in the month of March in the same year as the tournament is played. Get the French Open tickets information here.

3. Wimbledon

Wimbledon tickets aren’t directly available on their website. They have various ways using which fans can buy Wimbledon tickets and none of them can be done directly through their website here, but that is where you will need to register if you are looking to enter into the Wimbledon ballot. All the information on how to buy Wimbledon tickets including buying the cheapest tickets available can be understood here.

4. US Open

The official website of US Open can found on their website here, where they sell their tickets using multiple methods. Ticketmaster.com are the official ticket sellers for now but if you are looking for all the latest information to buy US Open tickets for this year, here’s our ultimate guide on how to get these tickets.

5. Indian Wells Open

Often referred to as one of the other ‘Grand Slams’, the Indian Wells Open and Indian Wells Masters tickets are sold online on their official website here. They have a variety of options including the most basic single session tickets and they link to their official ticket sellers. If you are looking at every possible information about how to buy the Indian Wells tickets, you can look here.

6. Miami Open

Together along with the Indian Wells Open, the Miami Open are called the Sunshine Masters. And both these tournaments are played one after the other. Tickets for the Miami Open can be bought on their official site here, which again is linked to their official ticket distributor for that season. More information for the forthcoming edition of the Miami Open tickets can be found here.

7. Monte-Carlo Masters

The Monte-Carlo Masters is the first Masters 1000 competition of the year that’s played on clay, and the tickets for this competition can bought on the official website here. More Monte-Carlo tickets information here.

8. Madrid Open

The Madrid Open is the year’s fourth Masters competition in the men’s circuit and is also played as a WTA competition. Tickets for this tournament can be bought online here, while all information on the Madrid Open tickets is here. More interestingly, tickets can be bought from their site only without getting diverted away to any other ticketing website.

9. Rome Open

The Rome Masters or the Italian Open is another clay court Masters competition in the lead-up to Wimbledon which has seen Rafael Nadal win it multiple times. The cheapest tickets for this competition are available at its official website here, which again leads to their official ticketing partners. We have all the information on the Italian Open tickets here.

10. Rogers Cup

At the end of the French Open and Wimbledon, the hard court season begins with its first Masters tournament in Canada. The Rogers Cup, played in both, the men’s and women’s draw, is held alternatively in Toronto and Montreal and its tickets can be bought here. As you would expect there are different packages, including hospitality available on the site. More information on the Rogers Cup tickets can also be found here.

11. Cincinnati Open

The Cincinnati Masters, or the Western & Southern Open follows the Rogers Cup and is played in Cincinnati. Tickets for the Cincinnati Open go up on sale every January in tie-up with their ticketing partners on their official website here. You can also get all the information about the Cincinnati Open tickets here.

12. Shanghai Masters

The Shanghai Masters is the first and the only Masters competition that is held in Asia. Hosted by Shanghai in China, it is a big stop on the Asian swing, and its tickets can be bought from the official Shanghai Masters tickets website here (you will have to click on the tickets tab), or you can get all the information on how to do that using our guide here.

13. Paris Masters

The final Masters of the season is hosted in Paris on indoor courts, and the tickets for this event can be bought here. More information for some of the most inexpensive tennis tickets for the Paris Masters can be found here.

14. ATP Finals

After the four Grand Slams, the ATP Finals is said to be the biggest competition in the men’s tennis calendar. There are a total of 1500 points on offer for the winner, which is the highest for any tournament bar the majors and it is evidently one of the most-followed tennis tournaments in the world. The official website from where you can buy the ATP Finals tickets is here, while the you can get the full guide on its ticketing information here.

15. WTA Finals

The WTA Finals, much like its male counterpart is a competition of huge importance other than the Grand Slams. It is the last tournament of the women’s calendar and tickets for this tournament can be bought from the official website here. If you are looking at a more comprehensive guide for the WTA Finals tickets, click here.

16. Davis Cup

With the Davis Cup changing formats, the one thing that has become easier is buying its tickets. All information on how to buy these tickets for the Davis Cup finals that is held over one week can be found here, while our own Davis Cup tickets guide is here.

17. Laver Cup

The Roger Federer-backed Laver Cup is a tennis version of golf’s Ryder Cup. It is played each year between Team Europe and Team World and tickets for this tournament are some of the hottest in demand despite it not being an ATP event. Tickets and hospitality options for the Laver Cup can be obtained from the official website here, while you can get our own tennis tickets guide for the Laver Cup including the seating and other stuff here.

18. ATP Cup

This is the newest team tournament around which is backed by the ATP and played in the month of January in place of the erstwhile Hopman Cup and a couple of other tournaments in Australia.

It is played over a round-robin-cum-knockout format and can be expected to generate a lot of energy given all the top players can be expected to involved. This is because there would be ATP points at stake as well. ATP Cup tickets can be bought here, while the information for everything around it can be found here.

To get information on all the remaining ATP and WTA tennis tournament tickets, click here and look at the Buy Tickets column.

Tennis Ticketing Partners

There are a few official ticketing partners for the big tournaments which have the rights to sell the cheapest tennis tickets online. They are typically sold out very quickly, especially if you are looking to buy Wimbledon tickets, so be very quick on your fingers!


Ticketmaster has the official rights to sell tennis tickets of tournaments from around the world, including a few in USA, Australia and the UK. It has various local websites from where tickets for the tennis tournaments played in that country can be bought. This includes TicketMaster.com, TicketMaster.com.au, TicketMaster.co.uk, TicketMaster.fr and so on and depending on the tournament, it could well be involved in selling some of the most inexpensive tennis tickets available online.


Ticketek is a competitor for TicketMaster but has a more Australian-focussed selling model through Premier.Ticketek.com.au. It also has a New Zealand section, so some of the sports tournaments including tennis use Premier.Ticketek.com.nz as their ticket partners.


This is a website that allows sports fans world over to officially exchange tickets at the original price or thereabouts. There are multiple tennis tournaments like US Open, Volvo Car Open, Miami Open and Western and Southern Open. This is rare concept offered by official ticketing partners and one that can be expected to catch on.


This is an Italian-based ticketing website which sells sports tickets among others for competitions held in Italy. The Rome Masters, which is an Italy-based tennis tournament, has used ticketone.it to sell tickets for its week-long tournament at different times.

Ticket Reselling Platforms


Viagogo is one of the leading reselling marketplace in the ticketing industry and among other things, it has seen the buy and sale of tennis tickets of some of the leading tournaments in the world. Click here to know more.


Much like Viagogo, Stubhub is an American-based reselling marketplace, and was set up in the year 2000. They have had partnerships with major sports tournaments around the world, including tennis competitions like Queens Club, London, Birmingham and Eastbourne. Get more information about Stubhub here .


Another platform for buyers and sellers of tickets but their focus has been on mobile devices for a while. While it’s not as old as Stubhub, having started in 2009, it has already gotten into partnerships with multiple sports tournaments. Tennis tickets for all the major tennis tournaments including Grand Slams, Masters and others can be found at SeatGeek.com.


Unlike the others on this list, Gumtree.com (and its other geographical variants) is a classifieds website which allows people to buy and sell most things under the sun. Including sports and tennis tickets. Since there’s not much of a check, fans need to be careful about the tickets they want to buy online; there are no guarantees about the authenticity.

Screenshot of Gumtree Tennis Tickets
Screenshot of Gumtree Tennis Tickets


This is another of the resale ticketing platform which covers a plethora of sports including tennis tournaments like the the Grand Slams and Masters 1000 tournaments in the men’s draw along with some of the smaller ATP competition. The company was founded in 1990 and markets itself as a ticket broker, acquiring multiple ticketing sites like SoldOut.com, TicketsupFront.com and Fandeavour.


Another reselling marketplace which was founded in 2001 in Chicago. According to reports, at the time of making this list of tennis tickets-selling platform, VividSeats.com was the third-biggest ticket-reseller in the world and all the Grand Slam tennis tickets, including the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open tickets can be found here.


As mentioned in their About Us page, QueenofTickets.com is an Aussie marketplace that allows fans to sell and buy tickets for events in Australia, which includes not just sports. Tickets for Australian sporting events like the Big Bash League in cricket and Australian Open in tennis can be bought and sold using this website.


eSeats are ticket resellers for multiple events from around the world, where tennis fans can buy or sell tickets as well. It has an exhaustive list of sports tickets it sells on its site, including tennis tickets for the Grand Slams, Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, Monte-Carlo Masters and Cincinnati Masters.


Tickets To See offers VIP tickets for multiple sports events including Wimbledon tickets and ATP Finals tickets in the O2 Arena. These come with a TicketsToSee guarantee which gives a full refund in case tickets aren’t allocated to the customer. This is also a UK-based company.



As the name suggests, TennisTicketService.com is a tennis ticket-selling website but what’s more interesting is they also deal in hospitality tickets for Grand Slam competitions. And other than the four majors, TTS, which is a Dutch-based company, also have a section to sell the Laver Cup tickets.


This Australian-based site covers a variety of sports like cricket, tennis and Melbourne Cup. Ticket sales for the Australian Open on this site consists of hospitality packages as well, along with tickets for matches played over the last weekend at the opening Grand Slam of the year. Wimbledon tickets were also available on this site the last we checked.


TennisTour.com is one of the biggest tennis tickets-selling website and it has official partnerships with multiple tennis tournaments around the world. If one were to look at the tournament list that is catered to by Tennis Tours, it would make it very clear how deeply involved with tennis tickets this company is and they also offer Tournament Packages for a wide variety of tournaments. Here’s a look at their tournament list:


This sports ticketing website claims to be India’s only company that offers “bespoke Xperiences” at a variety of sporting events in the world including tennis tournaments like Wimbledon.


A UK-based sports tickets website that claims to be the official ticket provider for multiple sports. At the time of writing, their tennis tickets portfolio consists of just the Monte-Carlo Masters but you can get in touch with them for other tournaments as well. What’s interesting to note is they also offer the Buy Now, Pay Later option.


Daimani is a marketplace that connects official providers of hospitality tickets with customers who are looking for those elite tickets. The website has sports and other hospitality ticket listings as well, with some of the lower-level tournaments like tickets for the Strasbourg Open and Swiss Basel Indoors also covered by them other than Grand Slams.


Keith Prowse has an interesting history with the company starting out in 1830 as a partnership between two musical instrument guys, which with them turned into a ticket agency and music publisher. Today KeithProwse.co.uk is the official hospitality provider for events in the UK, including sports like football, cricket and our favourite tennis. Keith Prowse finds a mention in our exhaustive guide on how to buy Wimbledon hospitality tickets here, but there’s a lot more to it than just Wimbledon. French Open hospitality tickets and the Queen’s Club tickets can also be bought from them.


Another UK-based hospitality tickets provider for all things sports in the UK. They also have the official status as hospitality partners for Henley Regatta, Cheltenham Festival, The Grand National and Royal Ascot but more vitally, there is a long list of tennis events for which you can buy your tickets from them. These include Wimbledon, Birmingham Open, Nottingham Open, Queen’s Club Championship, Eastbourne International, Boodles Tennis competition, Davis Cup, Champions Tennis and the ATP season-finale ATP Finals at O2.


This offers hospitality tickets for not just sports. And when it comes to tennis, much like the listings above, hospitality tickets for Wimbledon, French Open, ATP Finals and a bunch of other tournaments can be bought from them.


As the name of this company suggests, they offer Wimbledon tickets to its buyers. They advertise as providers of “guaranteed Wimbledon debentures tickets” (get more Debentures tickets information here) which means you can expect the tickets to be on the higher end of the costs. The site also allows you to sell your debentures tickets if that is what you are looking to do too!


SportsWorld.co.uk is another UK-based company that has been around since 1980 providing hospitality tickets for sporting events around the world including Olympics and Football World Cups. When it comes to tennis, they have hospitality options for the Australian Open, Wimbledon, Rome Masters, ATP Finals and Queen’s Club Championship among others. They are the authorised Wimbledon resellers of hospitality packages that include The Lawn, Rosewater Pavillion and Skyview Suites.


This is a company that deals in partnerships with tennis and other sports tournaments around the world for the hospitality packages. Based in the UK, this company has the French Open and Wimbledon debentures tickets listed on their site along with other UK-based tournaments like the Queen’s Club Championships and the Boodles Exhibition tournament.


The company name is an indicator towards a couple of things – one, it’s the tennis court-side they are referring and to two, obviously, they also deal in hospitality packages. What’s different about them is they offer tennis experiences with a number of tournaments like the Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open, Monte-Carlo Masters, Rome Masters, Laver Cup, ATP Finals and others, but to go with that they also offer tennis packages in combination with cruises. They are able to do this because they are partners with multiple ship cruise companies around the world like the Crown Resorts Cruise and Mandarin Oriental.


Another UK-based company that deals with corporate hospitality packages for a variety of sports like golf, cricket, football and tennis. The tennis tournaments for which you can buy your hospitality packages includes the four Grand Slam competitions to go with the Queen’s Club Championships.


DTB Sports and Events are associated with “high quality entertaining solutions” according to their website, for events that include sports and otherwise. You can look at tickets and corporate hospitality options for tennis tournaments as well, and these include Wimbledon, French Open, US Open, ATP Finals, Laver Cup and a few of the other tournaments played in the UK.


This London-based company has quite a few favourable reviews online for sports and non-sports events, and they claim to specialise in VIP corporate hospitality at quite many tennis tournaments around the world. These include the likes of French Open, Wimbledon, US Open, Monte-Carlo Masters, ATP Finals, Hurlingham Classic, Champions Tennis and a few others.


An Australian sports event company that caters to multiple sports including cricket, AFL and tennis. Among the tennis tournaments it covers, are the four Grand Slams including the Australian Open. Not too many other such event companies deal with Australian Open tickets and hospitality options, so if that is one tournament you are looking to go for, this is a website to check.


A UK-based events hospitality company but what’s different about them is they also cater to the Australian Open apart from the other Grand Slams, something not too many UK-based companies get their hands into. They also deal with the hospitality tickets options for the other three Grand Slam competitions.


Known as the Steve Furgal’s international tennis tour website, this company also deals with non-tennis sports but have their focus on tennis. According to their official website, Furgal has combined his interest in tennis and travel and started planning tennis trips since 1976, and helped many thousand tennis fans realise their dreams. This US-based company sells tennis tour packages for all the four Grand Slams including the Australian Open, the Fed Cup, Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, Laver Cup, Paris Masters and ATP Finals among others.


A UK-based company, it is one of the youngest sports and other events’ ticketing company that supplies “100% official hospitality and tickets”. Incorporated in 2014, it covers tickets for all the major UK-based sports including tennis in the UK, the Queen’s Tennis Championships and Wimbledon.


Another UK-based sports ticketing company that covers cricket, Formula One, football, Hong Kong Sevens and tennis. Tennis tournaments include Wimbledon and US Open apart from Queen’s Championship and surprise surprise, the Match in Africa, which is an exhibition match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. So if you are looking for tickets to exhibition matches like those, this could be the site to think about.


Sanver is an Indian sports marketing company that focussed on multiple verticals including sports tickets. While they don’t deal with tennis tickets directly, yet, Indian fans can book sports tours with them which include visits to tennis stadiums in different parts of the world.


This UK-based company from Berkshire deal with sporting tickets and much like many of the other sporting tickets companies, they sell packages for Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, French Open, Hurlingham Open, Boodles Exhibition and Champions Tennis among a few others.


As the name suggests, this company deals in hospitality packages for sporting and non-sporting events around the world. Tennis tournaments covered by this company includes hospitality tickets for Wimbledon and Queen’s Championship.


This London-based company deals with hospitality experiences at different sporting competitions and this includes tennis as well. There are viewing suites and business seats for the ATP Finals and hospitality experiences for Wimbledon along debenture tickets which are sold on this site.


This US-based company offers travel packages to customers which includes travel insurances and even airfare. Packages can be customised around sporting events like all the four Grand Slams, Miami Open and Indian Wells Open and you can also order for cruises, exotic vacations and other such stuff to go with your tennis travel requirements.


According to their website, the Sincura group focuses only on the high-end and high-value clientele, so if you have the money and are looking at a first-class experience, this could be an option for all your sports hospitality packages. Unsure of which tennis tournaments they offer, but one can get in touch with them to understand more.


As the name suggests this company offers tennis tours and according to their website, there are exclusive tennis tours for three of the four Grand Slam tournaments – Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. They are also the official travel partner for the Australian Open.


WL Hospitality stands for White Label Hospitality, and while it hasn’t made a mention of which tennis events it caters to, you can get a quote with them by filling up a short form with your requirements.


Another UK-based firm that offers corporate hospitality tickets for events like concerts and sports, including tennis competitions like Wimbledon and ATP Finals at O2. They also offer the sale of Debenture tickets for Wimbledon.


A 1985-founded company from the UK which offers hospitality packages for a variety of sports played in the Britain including tennis. Three of their main tournaments for which hospitality experiences are offered are at Wimbledon, Queen’s Club Championships and Champions Tennis while you could also look for French Open, Boodles, Hurlingham Classic and the ATP Finals competitions.


Sports, music and other such events, they have what they term VIP Services for all possible events in the UK but as far as tennis is concerned, this is restricted to Wimbledon alone.

Some of the other tennis ticketing websites include the following. We will add more information around each of them over time.


Football is majorly covered by this company but if you are looking for Wimbledon Debenture tickets, you could look for this option as well.


A UK-based company which deals with Wimbledon hospitality which includes Debenture tickets.


A French-based company you can approach for the Hospitality tickets for the French Open. They are one of the official Hospitality Agency of the French Open and Rolex Paris Masters.


They provide experiences for events in Australia (and other parts of the world but mostly Australia), which includes tour packages. Interestingly, for tennis, the experiences involved consist of the Australian Open and the Miami Open. Australian Open has Premium Seating and Travel Packages set up for potential customers.


This company specialises in exclusive tickets and corporate hospitality packages for some of the top sporting and non-sporting events which includes Wimbledon, Queen’s Club Championships and the ATP Finals.


Tailor-made sports and tennis packages are on offer with this company, with tournaments like Wimbledon, French Open and US Open covered by them. Debenture tickets with Wimbledon are also sold at this website.


A UK-based company which looks into sports, music and culture for hospitality tickets, and among tennis tournaments, there are some interesting ones to go with the usual suspects. There is a Celebrity Tennis Lesson with Jo Durie along with the Champions’ Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall. Among Grand Slams, the Australian Open and US Open find a mention but it’s surprising there’s no Wimbledon.


Looking to go on organised tours around Grand Slam tennis tournaments? This is one of the top sites to look at as they organise these tennis tours with Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open, but that’s not all. There are packages for the Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, Italian Open, Monte-Carlo Masters and even the Federer-Nadal exhibition match in Cape Town.


A London-based company which has hospitality packages for multiple sports including tennis. They cover all Grand Slams bar Australian Open and also have packages for the ATP Finals in O2.


Based in Bath, in the UK, this company has hospitality packages for most of the sports played in the country including tennis. Tennis hospitality includes packages to most of the tournaments played in the UK including Wimbledon along with other non-UK events like the French Open and US Open.


Looking for the ultimate tennis hospitality experience? You can opt for this website but at the time of writing, their tennis hospitality page hadn’t been updated since the 2017 Wimbledon.

Other tennis ticketing options mentioned below:

































We will keep updating this list of tickets page regularly to make it one of the most comprehensive resource guide for tennis tickets. If you are a tennis ticketing company and want to be included on this page, kindly get in touch with us here. You can also write to us if you want us to link to a particular page on your ticketing website that will help us tennis fans who are looking for tickets for tennis tournaments of their choice.