Tennis is best learnt on a tennis court with a tennis coach. Kids can often get trained on tennis in groups at school, and of course for the more privileged, there are tennis clubs with private coaches.

Sadly though, not everyone has the time, or the budget, for tennis lessons which can be expensive.

Luckily, we have the internet and you can find incredible tennis coaching websites online. These online tennis websites are not only good for new players though. They are brilliant for tennis players who want to up or tweak their game, beat the opponent they’ve never managed to overcome, improve their forehand, work on their backhand slice, or perfect their serve or volley just brilliantly.

Below is a researched list of our top 12 tennis coaching sites, along with some of our top online tennis instructors. You can really improve your game by following their tips, and you can learn how to play tennis online, surprising even the pro tennis players


The reason why is our number one pick as a tennis instructions website at the moment is they offer something different from most of the rest. Unlike the rest, tennis coaching with isn’t to do with learning technique online from a certified coach alone.

TopCourt offers a monthly access to more than 30 professional players and coaches who have been videoed speaking from experience on the various aspects of the game.

The likes of Aryna Sabalenka, Iga Swiatek, the Bryan brothers, Nick Kyrgios, Andrey Rublev, Sloane Stephens, Belinda Bencic, Amanda Anisimova, Petra Kvitova, Paul Annacone, Casper Ruud and Reilly Opelka have all been signed up by and you can get all those videos once you take up their subscriptions.

Once you sign up with them, here’s how your dashboard will look with an option to scroll down and choose the player you want to learn from.

Top Court

At the time of writing, charges $15/month which is billed annually for access to their superb library of coaching videos. You can also get a free, 14-day trial with TopCourt by signing up here.

2. Aubone Tennis

Aubone Tennis is coaching website started by former ATP player and current tennis coach, J.Y. Aubone. With career high rankings of 459 in singles and 288 in doubles and as a Reilly Opelka’s travel coach from 2018-2021 – helping him go from 250 to 19 in the world – he definitely knows what he is talking about now.

J.Y. believes the best way to develop a player is by first watching them compete in tournaments, and then by setting up an efficient developmental environment. To accomplish that, he’s started the most personalized online tennis program available.

He can coach juniors, professionals, and adults from anywhere in the world. All they need to do is record their tournament matches and send them to him. Aubone watches the matches and provides a performance report.

He then has a zoom session with the player about what strategies and techniques need to be improved, and how it can be accomplished.

J.Y. also provides tournament scheduling, pre and post match phone calls, college recruiting assistance for juniors, and has meetings with both players and parents. He consistently communicates with the team as he guides them through every step of their tennis development.

Aubone is a USPTA Elite Professional and GPTCA Level A coach. Go to to get your personal coach.

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3. Tennis Evolution

Tennis Evolution offer online tennis training and a wide selection of tennis training videos.

Jeff Salzentein is the man behind Tennis Evolution, and you may well know his name from the ATP Tours. Jeff won his first championship at age 12, was a top ATP singles and doubles player, a champion at Stanford, is a USTA High Performance Coach, and an USPTA elite tennis professional.

Jeff lives, eats and dreams tennis, is a strategic player, and wants to share his tennis tips with you. Mind you, they are much more than tips. Jeff, and his team, coach tennis online, in the most extraordinary way.

Jeff Salzentein played tennis for years but was plagued by injuries. Rather than succumb, he learned as much as he could about his injuries, and how to prevent them further.

He focused on overall physical and emotional health, strategy, technique and nutrition, and in particular, potential. What makes one player reach their potential while another doesn’t? His game improved, he played tennis professionally and it was only at age 33 that Jeff had to stop the circuit.

Far from stopping, Jeff became a professional and highly sought after tennis coach, and also created the online tennis coaching site, Tennis Evolution.

He has created a string of videos and online coaching techniques that are followed worldwide.

Personally, he has studied videos of professional players to the point of freeze-framing certain sections, allowing himself to see the details that ordinary viewers would miss – how the tennis player hits the ball, how his body is positioned, where he was moving from and then moving to, the small parts that together become brilliant parts.

Jeff’s online coaching is for:

  • Beginners
  • All age players who don’t have access to tennis courts or coaching
  • Extra coaching for kids who are already playing
  • College or professional players who want to improve
  • All players who want to work on strategy, technique and focus

You will find Tennis Evolution at and if you look under their ‘free video lessons’, well, your game is already going to get better. Try this one for starters, to work on your serve.

4. Online Tennis Instruction

Online Tennis Instruction are a highly reputable online tennis instruction clinic.

They don’t only offer online tutorials, they have clinics as well that are small and personal. Clinics are around the USA, but also in Germany and Lithuania, and you can check details online.

The clinics, much like their video tennis tutorials, focus on a particular part of the game, promising a transformation in the game. Video is a big part of OTI.

When you attend a clinic, you and your coach analyse the video footage, helping you see where you are going wrong and where you are improve. Not bending your knees enough? The video footage will show you, and encourage you to do it correctly.

Coaches include Florian Meier who founded Online Tennis Instruction, Gregg Le Sueur, Nadim Naser and Ean Meyer who are all master instructors.

If you look at their website,, you can read the references from their many successful pupils and players, and also choose a video course, focusing either on general technique or a particular aspect of the game.

Look at their video right here, to get more power on your serve. Also, they have an offer going for now, which allows players to try out their few of their products for $1.

5. Essential Tennis

The guy behind Essential Tennis is Ian Westerman.

You will find a ton of online tennis coaching videos on his website, each one more entertaining, efficient and beneficial than the next.

Ian started off with podcasts before moving on to video. On his site you won’t only find instructional videos though – you’ll find blogs (the most annoying tennis players ever is one of our favorites), masterclasses, lessons, drills and also, pretty hilarious captions. Ian and his team keep tennis fun, but they have one thing in mind – to make you a better player.

Ian believes in strategy and you will find online manuals designed to help you with your tennis strategy. You’ll find as much information on how to get the perfect serve as how to play the perfect mental game. The great thing about this site is that there is so much on offer, so many bonus courses too, and of course, fantastic video lessons.

When we say Essential Tennis is entertaining, check out this one video as an example. It’s called the Forehand Shank Solution, a good play on words, and it’s really good!

It’s also just one of many online. Take your time going through, you’ll laugh and you’ll up your game.

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6. Fuzzy Yellow Balls

Will Hamilton, founder of Fuzzy Yellow Balls, is well known in the tennis world and amongst tennis celebrities.

He has built an exceptionally popular online tennis coaching site where he works with some of the best tennis players in the world to bring tennis to you, via the Internet.

His videos are custom made and focus on all parts of the tennis game – serve, forehand, backhand, volley, lob, smash – and include information on fitness, nutrition and mental strategy. He has thousands of subscribers, probably because he’s played with, and brings information to you, from the tennis greats.

Fuzzy Yellow Balls are well known for the Singles Playbook and their Doubles Playbook – you can check them out here – and be introduced to tons of tips from the pro players. Will Hamilton makes it easy for you to see what strategies and strokes these pros use, and teaches you how to use them too.

These online tennis lessons teach you how to play the game and how to improve your game. The videos are fun, they are entertaining and they will keep any player hooked and wanting to improve their game. A good thing to know is they have specific videos for left handed tennis players too, players that often get overlooked.

Hamilton does not overlook anything. Check out one of the videos right here, the Roger Federer’s ’Imaginary Line Rule’ and Running Plays.

7. Tennis Mind Game

Tennis is a physical game. You need to have good hand-eye-coordination, you need to keep practicing and you need to understand the ground strokes, the forehands and backhands. There is a lot to learn, apart from the basic serve and volley, there’s top spin, slice, back spin, all the fancy foot work and more.

So can you learn all of this online? According to Tennis Mind Game, you can hugely improve your game of tennis by watching tennis instruction videos. Videos are better than text as the player has to engage with the videos. While it’s quite easy to read a manual and learn something mental, it’s not that easy to read an article and learn something physical.

Tennis Mind Game feel that while it is entirely possible to learn how to play tennis online, they think a few tennis lessons are a good thing. Tennis is learnt by feel – hold the racquet, feel the body as you move the racquet back, feel the ball against the racquet, feel the movement as you swing the racquet forward and feel the follow-through.

While they would always suggest you learn properly with a coach first, you can definitely vastly improve your game through online videos and online tennis teaching techniques.

If you have access to a tennis court, you should play and practice as much as possible. If not, watch the online tennis videos and get loads of information on the game, how to play it, special strategies and techniques.

8. Optimum Tennis Instruction

This is a good site. You’ll find a host of complimentary online instructional tennis videos, you’ll be able to find a virtual tennis coach, and if you want to learn more and really improve your game, there are audio and video courses that you can sign up for.

The free courses are comprehensive – covering all the ground shots and strokes, focusing on speciality shots, and also, teaching you about nutrition, fitness and mental strategy. The information is really good – take a look at this section on fitness and nutrition for example and you can really learn a lot. The more you read and the more you watch, the more you learn and the better your game becomes.

Some of the Optimum Tennis Instruction coaches include Allen Fox, Caleb Marshall, Chris ‘The Kiwi’ Ashenden, Lisa Brown and Ryan Krane, but there are more. Each is hand selected for their expertise and skill and will see you reach new levels of your tennis.

Online videos, or courses, include Serving A to Z, Breakthrough Tennis, Play Out Of Your Minds Package (adults) and many more. You can take a look online. The videos focus on serious tennis for the professionals, fun tennis for beginners, doubles and singles strategy, and fitness too.

Prices range from USD 7 to USD 99, depending on what you are looking for and of course, how serious you are about learning and improving your game. And then, there are the free videos too. This is a good site, you need to register online, and then you’ll be privy to a lot of fab tennis information.

9. Pro Tennis Coach

Here you get access to some of the world’s top tennis coaches, including Darren Cahill, Brad Gilbert and Roger Rasheed.

Roger coached Lleyton Hewitt and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Gilbert coached Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick, and Cahill has not only coached but played against many of the great tennis professionals – Agassi, McEnroe, Becker, Pat Cash and Ivanisevic. Cahill, and you can read about his many achievements, was also the Australian Davis Cup coach in 2007 and 2008. He’s impressive; they all are.

These incredible coaches share their insights and experience, arm you with strategies and tennis information, and teach you how to improve your game, both physically and mentally. You can get free video lessons, pro match analysis, pro stroke, analysis, join question sessions or form your own, have live chats and you can talk to a Pro coach.

This is an extensive and very good online tennis coaching site, covering everything to do with the game. If you are serious about tennis, take a look at It’s one of the best online tennis coaching sites there is.

You can log in and subscribe which gives you access to a lot of general information and free tennis video lessons or you can sign up for premium services where you get one-one-one personal coaching no matter where you are in the world.

10. WebTennis.Com

Brent Abel began Brent is well known in the tennis world, with over 45 years tennis coaching experience. He’s thrice coached the USA World Cup Teams in 2009, 2018 and 2019, and has ten National USA Age Group Titles. His website is pretty private – you need to give your name and email address before you get access to his free tennis videos, and before you chat about online coaching. We can tell you, he’s one of the best. Some call him the godfather of tennis.

11. My10sFriends

The name of this online tennis coaching site is pretty clever.

It’s a play on the words ‘My Tennis Friends” and it’s run and managed by Coach Eric, a graduate of the Professional Tennis Management Program, a tennis professional, college player and was the 2017 USPTA District Pro of the year. There is a lot more to Eric, but his site My10sFriends is not so much about him as it is about online tennis coaching.

Eric offers free tennis coaching videos, tennis clinics, an extremely information tennis blog, and more than anything, wants to make you a better player. If you look at his site you will see how clear he is about tennis instruction, strategy, the physical and the mental game, and also, how much emphasis he puts on the individual shots. He talks a lot about heavy top spin, power, consistency, fitness, focus and form, and teaches the players how to get all of this, PLUS.

Here is one of Eric’s videos which focuses entirely on the forehand. It’s pretty comprehensive and impressive.

12. Top Speed Tennis

Top Speed Tennis offer fun and easy online tennis courses. They are expert at what they do, and you can see that by some of the reviews they have online.

You are able to get the free videos off their website by signing up to become a member, and for more personalised coaching, they offer deals and clinics and online courses. Take a look here and while they are a good site, it’s a members-only website and you will need to log on to get it yourself.