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If you are looking for a free tennis betting guide par excellence, you have come to the right place. Get all your information on tennis betting including terminologies, oft-asked FAQ, accumulators, daily tips and picks, premium tips and much more with this all-encompassing guide.

What is sport without a punt in fun? That’s what many tennis fans might think and that is also why the sports bookmakers also exist in this world. Latest and free tennis betting tips on a daily basis will be updated below.

Tournament-Wise Free Tennis Betting Tips for Today

With truckload of tennis tournaments being played on a weekly basis, we will strive to cover as many tennis betting tips as possible. We will update the daily tennis tips and tennis predictions from tournaments being played in the ongoing week here.

Read on for more information on tennis betting and free tips and picks around it.

What is the tennis betting market size?

Tennis betting is big business for bookmakers around the world. In fact according to betting experts, the tennis betting market has quickly moved to the second position behind football betting and ahead of cricket and golf betting. The global sports betting market in 2019 is approximately nearing $300 billion according to various estimates, so even if tennis betting accounts for 5-10% of that, we are looking at a big number.

What we believe is that till you are having some fun, much like watching tennis itself or watching a movie, it shouldn’t matter too much.

While we do not advocate tennis betting, definitely not if you are one of those who run the risk of addiction, it’s always that interesting sense of being involved in the action through putting one’s money in a bid to beat the bookie and hence our free tennis betting tips are for those who are in it for some fun and some side-income.

Once you start losing that fun from tennis betting, because you have lost too much money and are trying to regain it, it starts to get to a level where we strongly advise you get some help.

We also like our odd punt but more importantly what we also like doing is trying to help our readers win the small buck with our tennis predictions, tips and odds. These free tennis betting tips will get you going before you decide to become full-time tennis traders!

While we won’t predict tennis results for every tennis match – no, we don’t think that will be too helpful – what we will definitely give out on is what we believe are useful tennis betting tips and predictions along with the associated best odds. You can get your all this information and the daily tennis picks below.

Apart from the advice above, what we would also like to say is to not bet illegally. So, if you are from a country where betting in general and tennis betting in particular isn’t allowed, please don’t do it.

Also if you are from a region where tennis betting is legal, register with only those bookmakers where you can do the same in a legal manner.

Introduction to Tennis Betting – How to Bet on Tennis

With billions of dollars wagered on the sport every year, tennis betting is second to football only in terms or worldwide popularity.

One of the major reasons for this is the regularity of tournaments – except for a short break between mid-November and Christmas, there is a tennis match being played somewhere in the world, almost every day, with tournaments taking place regularly, often several simultaneously.

This means that, for those so inclined, there is nearly always a tennis match on which they can bet, whether it on the main ATP (men) or WTA (women) tours, or the junior “feeder” leagues, like the Challenger and ITF Futures Tours.

There are numerous ways to bet on tennis, whether betting online before a match, suitable for beginners, or for more experienced gamblers, the excitement of In-Play Betting, whilst a tennis match is actually in progress.

However, whilst there are a number of tennis betting markets, probably the five most popular are Match Winner; Set Betting; First (or subsequent) Set Winner; Handicap; and Total Games. Below is a guide to each of these and a few free tennis betting tips to go with it. We have tennis betting tips for all of them based on what we think is the best for the day today!

But First, Some General Tennis Tips from Our Tennis Betting Expert

Before placing any bet on tennis there are some general tips which it might be wise for consider.

To maximise your chances of success with tennis betting, it is vital that you invest the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each player before betting on them. Whilst their world ranking might be one consideration, that is by no means the be all and end all.

What type of surface are they playing on – hardcourt, clay or grass – and does this suit their game, if they like to serve-volley, or play from the baseline? Are they in form, or are they making their way back from injury, a common problem which afflicts many players on tour.

The head to head record of the two players against each other should be strongly considered by a tipster giving out tennis betting tips. Whilst one player may theoretically be stronger than the other on paper in terms of rankings and tournament wins, their opponent may just have a mental or psychological edge over them.

Weather can be another factor to bear in mind before looking to bet on tennis.

Some of the Grand Slam Events like the Australian and US Opens are often played in extreme temperatures or high humidity, which can affect different players in different ways.

Although tennis players may be supreme athletes, the human body is not made to play sport when the thermometer is above 40 degrees centigrade, or the air is so thick that they find it hard to breathe. Some players cope better than others with extreme weather conditions, so check out who has struggled in the past.

The one important factor here is to actually watch the tennis match you are betting on. Sometimes watching tennis gives you a perspective about things that you do not get otherwise by just following the score.

Last, but not the least, do ensure you understand the basic of online tennis betting from the perspective of what its advantages and concerns here.

How to Bet on Tennis (Tennis Betting Markets)

There are multiple ways to bet on tennis, multiple and interesting markets that anyone can use for their tennis betting. Whether you are a first-timer looking for a fun tennis bet or a professional looking to carve out a substantial profit out of it, or anywhere between the two, tennis caters to most audiences.

Tennis Odds

The offered tennis betting odds can be in different formats, including fraction, decimals and moneyline which is found to be popular in North America. More information on how odds work, and what are the different types of odds, we have our guide on understanding how tennis odds work here. If you already know about odds, move on to the next section but, if you are looking for a quick refresher, you can have a look before returning to this page.

Needless to say, tennis picks given out by experts will also have odds associated with that style associated with the tipster.

Match Winner

As the name implies, Match Winner is simply a bet on which player will win the match. Like all forms of betting on a single game, it can be difficult to make money betting on a heavy favourite, because the odds will be very short (they are often quoted odds-on), although, knowing a player’s form, and whether they play well on a particular surface – clay, or grass, for example – can be worth researching in advance.

For those who do choose to bet on a favourite, they might want to consider making a combined, accumulator bet – also referred to sometimes as a parlay bet – where tennis bets on several matches are combined into one, instead of a straight wager on the outcome, to increase their chances of earning a decent return.


Rafael Nadal v Roger Federer
Nadal Winner Odds: 8/11
Federer Winner Odds: 1/1

What this means is that if you placed your bet on Nadal to win the tennis match and if he did win it, a bet of 11 units will earn you back eight units over and above the 11 units you bet.

Similarly, a bet of 10 units on Federer will win you back an additional 10 units if Federer won that tennis match.

Set Betting in Tennis

Set betting is a tennis bet on the number of sets in a match, and the correct score in terms of sets. For example, at a Grand Slam Event, Novak Djokovic might beat Milos Raonic by three sets to love, or Naomi Osaka might overcome Ashley Barty by two sets to one.

This is not always as predictable as it might appear on paper. Whilst one player could be theoretically strong, they might be carrying an injury, or afflicted by the wear and tear caused by playing a lot of matches on tour.

And, often the higher ranked players can be vulnerable in the early rounds of a tournament and struggle with motivation against opponents who, by contrast, are highly incentivised to beat them.

All these factors mean that the outcome of a match could be a lot closer than anticipated and if you at our tournament prediction pages, there will would be a few matches daily where our free tennis betting tips point to such kind of markets.

First (or Subsequent) Set Winner

Another popular wager is to bet on the outcome of individual sets, and many bookmakers allow people to bet on which player will win the first, second, or, depending on the format of the tournament, third set.

It works on a similar principle to tennis match betting, the distinction being that you are betting not on the outcome of the entire match, just one particular set. As with match betting, however, backing a heavy favourite does not usually offer good odds.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting can be found in all sports, and tennis is no exception. It is used by bookmakers as a way of “evening” the odds between two players by giving the favourite a handicap that they need to overcome before a bet can be successful, usually in the form of the number of games or sets. The bet can only be won if the handicap is overcome.


If Rafael Nadal was playing David Goffin of Belgium at the Rome Masters, and the handicap was applied to games, then Rafael Nadal, as favourite, might be given a handicap of -3.5.

If somebody then bet on him to win the match 6-4, 6-4, the bet would succeed because the aggregate number of games won by Nadal (6 + 6 = 12) exceeds the number of games won by Goffin (4 + 4 = 8) by 4, exceeding the handicap of 3.5.

If, however, you bet on Stefanos Tsitsipas to Daniil Medvedev by two sets to love with a handicap of -1.5, and he only won by the odd set in three, then the bet would be lost. This is because Tsitsipas’s handicapped score of 2 (1+1) would be less than Medvedev’s adjusted total of 2.5 (1 + 1.5).

This is an interesting tennis betting market and we will endeavour to give out a few free tennis tips around this one too. Read our in-depth tennis handicap betting guide here.

Total Games

Total Games betting is also known popularly known in sports betting parlance as overs and unders. With this type of bet, you are wagering on the total number of games which will be played in a match.

A number will be set by a bookmaker, and you are then betting on whether the games played will be greater (over) or less (under) that number. Generally, if you are expecting a close match you may want to bet over or, or if you expect a one-sided encounter, under.

Tennis Betting FAQ

What is 1X2 Betting in Tennis?

To give you a brief background on what is 1X2 betting in sports, it basically is a form of match betting in which there are three results possible.

So, in a sport like football (soccer), the three possible results are a home win, a drawn game or an away win, which is represented by 1, X and 2 respectively as showing in the image below.

1x2 betting in sports

Something similar is possible in Test match cricket as well, where a drawn game is one of the three possible results of the match.

However, in case of a tennis match, a 1X2 betting market is different because only two results are possible; a win for player A or a win for player B, and no third option for the punter to worry about.

This is how it looks in case of tennis betting:

1x2 Betting in Tennis

In essence tennis 1X2 predictions will give you one of the two possible results.

What is Double Result in Tennis?

A double result is a market that is offered by bookmakers in most sports including tennis. It is a type of a multiple bet in which there are two results and both need to be predicted correctly for you to win the overall bet.

This is a famous market in sports with two halves, like football (soccer) where punters can use a double of a team winning both, the first half and the match, or winning both halves or any such combinations.

Tennis Double Betting markets aren’t very common but they are offered regularly by bookmakers with a player to win the opening set and to win a match being one such option. For the bettor to win this bet, the player will need to win the opening set of the match and the match itself.

Such tennis bets are high-risk because it needs multiple results to come good for the bettor to win his bet but the bookmakers offer higher odds for them to mitigate that higher risk.

Other examples of a double result in tennis include, player to win the first set and lose match.

What does ‘going the distance’ mean in tennis betting?

Different bookmakers have different meanings of the term ‘going the distance’. Some bookmakers term a match that has gone into the third set in a best-of-three set match or a match that has gone into the fifth set in a best-of-five set match as one that has gone the distance.

There are also bookmakers like bet365 which term a final set tie-breaker (third set in best-of-three and fifth in best-of-five) or extra games in case there are no tie-breakers as going the distance. Please read the exact terms and conditions with your bookmaker around this.

What are Tennis Betting Offers & Promotions?

Having a flutter is sometimes fun, more people are starting to bet on sports such as, tennis. But, what exactly are tennis betting offers and bonuses?

Everyone loves the big matches of tennis like the Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon that domineer the tennis schedule in terms of popularity, so it’s no secret that most of the tennis betting offers are geared to these matches.

Sometimes the smaller events attract the occasional special offer bets from the bookies, but mainly the offers and bonuses revolve around the majors.

Special offer bets usually focus on a specific player like Andy Murray or any one of the Big Three, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic.

Bookies usually give special betting offers out on specific events or players. Even if there is no big tournament coming up there might still be a few betting offers available.

Sure, towards the end of tournaments there are lesser betting offers, but as soon as they come around again, the betting offers are available. And as a punter, it makes a lot more sense taking full advantage of these offers as you will get more value for money. You can occasionally win big by taking advantage of the betting offers.

When a person signs up to a betting website they often spend a certain amount of money and the website give them a bonus back in return for their custom. This is a type of promotion that bookmakers use to get potential customers to sign up with them. These are usually one-time promotion offers.

One thing to note here is there is often rules and regulations that follow the release of any winnings on a bonus.

A person might win £100 on a bonus that was just £50, but need to spend at least £75 of that money to be able to claim the winnings. This is usually stipulated when the bonus is provided.

It is done so that bookies can still make money when providing bonuses and offers. The bonus credit is usually provided to new gamblers, but sometimes it is to reward the people who have remained faithful to the company.

Some of the tennis picks given out by expert tipsters could involve making use of these promotions and offers to reduce the risks associated with losing money.

Read about all the latest tennis betting offers, bonuses, promotions and deals here.

What’s Tennis Accumulator Betting?

For more information on what tennis accumulator betting entails and how you can make the best use of it, read more here. Ever so frequently some of our tennis betting tips revolve around tennis accumulators but we suggest you get used to the other things around tennis betting before trying out an accumulator bet.

Five Tennis Tips to Make Money

Tennis is one of the sports in which matches are played all year around at every level, right from the ITF Futures Circuit to the Challengers and ATP and WTA competitions other than the Grand Slams and ATP and WTA Finals. There’s always that temptation to continuously be at it, to keep putting in the money to try and win your bets and to try and double down in case of lost bets given the amount of tennis that is played.

However, if you are serious about making some money on the side with tennis betting, here’re a few betting tips that might help you along. You can also read our in-depth tennis betting rules & strategy guide to win big here.

Know the Sport Inside Out

Yes, a very basic and straightforward one but not one to be taken complacently. Whichever the sport, tennis included, it is imperative you know the rules of your sport. If tennis isn’t a sport you have followed more than as a casual fan, then we would recommend you to not bet on tennis before you have acquainted yourself fully with it.

Mixed doubles, for example, has a different points rule than singles play.

The four Grand Slams have different final set rules from each other.

What about the medical timeouts?

Which surface are they playing on? And many more.

Know them all, before you think of putting your money into the sport.

Opt for High Value Tennis Bets

As we mentioned earlier, there are multiple matches almost every day at every level to choose from to bet on tennis. It is very important though, to understand what is a high value bet versus the risk it offers. For instance, betting on a tennis match between Roger Federer and a 250th-ranked qualifier wouldn’t get you a great return or will need you bet a huge sum to earn anything substantial but in case of a surprise result, the loss would be a monumental one too.

Instead, identify the match and the corresponding market that has some value before putting your hard-earned money on it.

Research & Focus

This boils down to those multiple options again. Consider you are at a restaurant which offers you a buffet of cuisines from many parts of the world and you end up devouring a lot of it. There’s a high chance your body might not feel very good about it.

Similarly, with tennis played at every level in both, the women’s and the men’s section, it is very important to focus on your strengths and research regularly instead of trying to ‘devour it all’.

If you think you know your Challenger circuit, then take advantage of that and focus only on that. If women’s tennis is your calling, then sharpen your knowledge around it and focus just there. Incidentally, we provide both, men and women’s tennis predictions in the section above.

Research about who the best servers are, the best returners, the head to head between players, and other such statistics if you are looking to really be successful at tennis betting.

Sign up with as Many Bookmakers as Possible

Signing up with multiple bookmakers isn’t a good to have tactic, it’s a must-have. And the reason is simple, you simply don’t want to lose out of the best odds for the same market that different bookmakers offer.

Look at odds on offer for a match between Yoshihito Nishioka and Cameron Norrie (screen-shot from in which one can see how different bookmakers are offering different odds for respective wins.

Three Tennis Tips to Earn Money using Tennis Betting

For instance if you are looking to back Norrie in this match, bet365’s 5/4 is the best odds (1.25 in decimal format) on offer, as opposed to some of the others like Unibet’s 23/20 (1.13 in decimal), or William Hill’s 6/5 (1.2 in decimal format).

Why would you want to lose out on the chance to earn nearly 10% more using bet365 for this particular tennis bet than one would using Unibet, for instance?

The point to be noted here is that different markets for a match might have different bookmakers offering the best odds. Hence, sign up with as many bookmakers as you can and then using odds comparing websites, choose the best option possible.

Ask the Expert!

At least to start things off, to get the ball rolling, look at what the expert tipsters are saying. We, at Tennis World Live, give our own tennis picks as well but you can also google for the latest free tennis betting tips and follow your favourite tipster. More importantly, try and understand the basis for those expert tennis picks, and follow the wins and losses through those tips.

Bookmakers We Trust for Tennis Betting

Now, in order for you to begin betting on tennis, here’s what you need to do. Sign up for one or more of the below mentioned bookmakers, our tested and recommended ones. Once you have signed up and deposited money, you can take advantage of the offers associated with each of them subject to the conditions.

Here’s a list of our free tennis tips on which bookmakers to go with.

  • Bet365

  • Unibet

  • 888Sport

  • William Hill

  • Betway

  • Bovada (for American citizens only)

  • Intertops (for American citizens only)

We will update this page with the latest free tennis predictions, tips & odds for some of our favourite matches. Keep visiting for regular updates. Below are links to the daily tennis betting tips for free, of respective tournaments from around the world.

We also cover free tennis betting tips of the smaller tournaments at the ATP and WTA level on the site. The ongoing tournament daily tennis picks are updated and can be accessed from the homepage.

Tennis Prediction Software

Last, but not the least, if you do not follow the game of tennis that deeply and would still like to bet on tennis, there’s another option. You can pay to avail of premium tennis betting services, i.e. these are behind a paywall, unlike the free betting tips we have mentioned above.

These come in two forms; tennis experts who charge a small amount for their premium tennis betting services or software developers who have made tennis prediction software to be able to beat the system – or at least get close to doing it. Since they are paid, you would expect more research to have gone into these tennis tips, although there are some who claim to do that but don’t – beware of such premium tipsters. Check their previous record to ensure that.

Get all the information on how to make use of these premium tennis betting tips and best ones available in the market using our free guide here.

If you are looking at just one premium betting services recommendation from us, we will go with TopTennisTips is one the few excellent premium tips services and their pre-match predictions accuracy, based on the mean absolute percentage error, rises up to 98%.

They offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee when you sign up for their premium package and you can do that by clicking here. Tips Price:

20 free tips & $99/month after that.

To apply for the premium tennis tips with, click here.

Our Tennis Betting Tutorial

Here’s a list of Tennis Betting Tutorials on our site you can use to help you kick-start your betting on tennis.