Premium Tennis Betting Tips

Premium Tennis Betting Tips from the some of the best tennis tipsters from around the world are placed below. If you are a tennis fan looking for an all-round coverage of the sport of tennis from all around the world, is a good place to be.

One of the things we do is to provide daily free tennis betting tips for any casual follower of the game using our own tennis betting analytics but if you are looking at something more serious, as a tennis trader then you could look at some of our recommended premium tennis betting tips that we have described below.

These paid tennis tips come from some of the top tipsters in the world of tennis who, at times, use some of their own tennis betting systems or apps to help you get some of the best tennis betting tips.

In this piece we recommend you some of the top premium tennis tipsters, tippers who charge a fee for their best tennis tips but with whom you can trust on a long term basis. Here’s a list of all these premium tennis tippers and their associated costs, along with why we think they are good to go for.

We will update this list from time to time and as we explore more premium tennis tippers. Of course, if you are looking to not spend money at the moment, you could look at trying out our free tennis betting tips here.

Now while you can follow our guide to understand tennis betting by using the various generic tennis betting strategies, it also needs you to spend a lot of time to invest doing that. This includes understanding which are the latest tennis betting offers, the best tennis betting websites, what are accumulator tips, the best tennis markets, reading the tennis odds, spread betting and so on.

The easier option is to try and enroll with some of the paid betting tipsters who use their own tennis betting analytics and betting software to come up with excellent tennis bets on a regular basis.

A few of these premium tennis betting tipsters also give a sneak peak into their tennis betting analysis, while others allow you a free trial, which is a good way to gauge whether or not it’s worth your time. Some of the tennis betting algorithm these premium tipsters use are proprietary and cannot obviously be revealed but the proof is in the pudding and it makes proper sense to then opt for these free trials or even pay a small amount for a short period of subscription to test them out.

The trouble here is there are many of these premium tennis tipsters, some excellent at their job, others not so much, and that makes it rather tough to choose which one is the best to opt for. Based on the different tactics that premium tipsters use, i.e. their own tennis betting bots or codes or they could have their own tennis betting prediction apps, we have done the research and come up with a list of premium tipsters worth trying out.

Here’s our list of paid tennis tipsters we would recommend based on our experiences with them. (kindly note that we might have affiliate relationship with some of these paid tipsters but that hasn’t affected our decision to put them in this list).


Our first recommendation comes in the form of TopTennisTips offers premium tips as well, and according to their website, their pre-match predictions accuracy is one of the best in the business.

Some of the features associated with these premium tips include a combination of Mathematics, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence to dish out probabilities that some of the best around. These come with a pre-defined sensible default filters allowing you to receive the best tennis tips only.

Tennis predictions are tailored to an individual’s needs and based on the requirement, are either delivered to the email or Andoid app, along with the Free Tip of the Day on signing in. In case you have any issues, there’s a Live Chat and Email support option as well, other than a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you apply for it and don’t like the results you are seeing, you can ask for your money back, no questions asked.

In more recent times, the TTT guys have also made a couple of changes to their services.

For one, they introduced new market types like the Set Handicap, Game Handicap and Total Games Over/Under markets apart from the most obvious Match Winner market. Secondly, they have now improved their “machine learning models” to show remarkable improvement to their services.

Since the introduction of these models, performance is much better: in the almost two months between August-October 2019, recommended settings produced a profit of +127 units (and the rest of the backtest shows good results too).

That’s a win-win with the guys. Tips Price

20 free tips & $99/month after that.

To apply for the premium tennis tips with a 60-day money-back guarantee with, click here.

2. for Tennis

Betting Gods is one of the biggest names in the premium sports betting tips market and Game, Set and Profit is a solid premium service for tennis betting.

Run by Ravi, a tipster who has been involved with following tennis since he was a kid, he has “played, coached and have now been following the pros intensively” for the last few years and add that to the intensive vetting proceed that Betting Gods apply, it looks like one of the services to go for.

Game, Set & Profit’s Ravi explains his methodology:

My way of making picks is based on probability and how that correlates to the odds that bookie algorithms churn out. This probability is determined by my evaluation of both players’ strengths and weaknesses pitted against one other. The matchup is everything in tennis. Not who beat who and therefore should beat them. And, of course, the matchup can alter relative to the surface, the weather conditions and the rhythm each player is in.

With a very small fee to kick-start the first 15-day trial, you can test this tennis betting tips service out and extend it on a monthly basis till you want. Tennis Tips Price

£1.99 fee for the first 15 days & then £37/month.

To apply for the premium tennis tips with Ravi at Betting Gods Tennis, click here.


Second on our list of favourite premium tennis tennis tips expert is Trade Shark. While these are not exactly match to match tennis tips, with proper following of this tennis guide, you can make a decent return, especially if you can stick with Trade Shark for a long enough.

The biggest positive for the end customer is that there is no recurring cost associated with using this premium service.

Yep, just a one-time cost and voila, you are set for the rest of your tennis betting life with his tips. The price for that one-time payment is £29 which, some might reckon, isn’t inexpensive, but if you compare with the aforementioned two tennis tipsters, this one is a steal.

New purchasers will also get a free betting advice guide for a period of five days after the sale which give out predictions, previews and trading advice for all the day’s encounters.

What we found really nice about this tennis tipster is they have explained why they have chosen tennis trading over other sports. You can read about that by clicking here and then clicking on Why Choose Tennis for Trading on the top. Tips Price

One time payment of £29.

To apply for the premium tennis tips with, click here.

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Other Premium Tennis Tipsters


This is one of the more profitable sports betting tips services with a 36% ROI record. In order to register with them for a trial period, they charge a mere £1 for the first week and if you don’t like what you see, then you can opt out in that trial period.

Following that, their charges increase to £49.99 per month but that can be made up very easily given their track record. They have also recorded their tennis tipping history but for some reason that’s only up to June 20, 2017, which might make one question their history but a £1 charge for the first week draws us to them. Nothing really to lose from there on.

What we found really nice about these guys are they have explained why they have chosen tennis trading over other sports. You can read about that by clicking here and then clicking on Why Choose Tennis for Trading on the top.

Tennis-Tips Tennis Tips Price

£1 for the first week, followed by £49.99/month after that.

To apply for the premium tennis tips with, click here.

Other Notable Mentions

To apply for the premium tennis tips with, click here.

To apply for the premium tennis tips with, click here.

To apply for the premium tennis tips with, click here.

We would like to also add a bonus option here. It’s not quite premium tennis betting tips for now, but uses machine learning for their betting tips and gives out free tennis predictions. Once they get their tennis algorithms right, there is nothing to stop them making it a paid, subscription-based model and that is why we reckon you can have a look at them here and test for yourself if their betting system works profitably for you.

Please remember, for one there are no guarantees in betting. If anyone is promising you any such guarantees, you should look to steer away from them.

And secondly, we do not advocate betting beyond what you think you can afford to lose without losing your sleep over it and if you or your family and friends think you have reached a stage where tennis betting – or any sport betting – has become an addiction or a need then one of the websites we recommend you visit is BeGambleAware here.