Many of us have played or are playing tennis at one level or another. We all want to learn more about the game & improve our skills. But tennis classes can be an expensive affair and it’s not always possible for your coaches to give you individual time to improve a specific shot or area of your game. This is when YouTube tennis coaching channels become very useful.

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Which are the Best Tennis Coaching YouTube Channels Worth Subscribing to?

  • Jeff Salzenstein’s Tennis Evolution
  • Feel Tennis Instructions – Beyond the Obvious
  • Essential Tennis – Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players
  • Top Tennis Training – Pro Tennis Lessons
  • Intuitive Tennis – All things technique
  • Top Speed Tennis – Applying Golf Principles to Tennis
  • Brian Dabul: Former ITF number one player
  • Fuzzy Yellow Balls – Virtual Analytics Coach

The above are some great channels on YouTube that helps you improve your game. From individual shots, practice methods, choosing the correct equipment and understanding the game better. In the section below, we shall look at these aforementioned YouTube tennis coaching channels in greater depth.

1) Jeff Salzenstein’s Tennis Evolution

A former ATP top 100 singles and doubles player, Jeff is also a USTA high-performance coach. His channel has videos that will help players playing at every level. Whether one plays tennis as a hobby or want to turn pro, his regular and custom videos are a great help. His advice is really practical and he has tons of experience himself to back it up.

The best part of his videos is the coaching that he provides on the positioning. Unlike most other channels that talk about how to hit a particular shot, Tennis Evolution focuses on improving your footwork, positioning and follow through to a shot.

Channel Link:

2) Feel Tennis Instructions – Beyond the Obvious

Toman Mencinger is a Slovenian certified coach and has coached many nationally ranked junior and ITF players. His channel, Feel Tennis Instructions provides great technical content for all level of players. But his speciality is that he does a lot of the videos on the off the court mental side of the sport.

How to keep your clam under pressure points, when to go for drop shots, surviving difficult weather conditions, dealing with a very tall opponent, these are the kind of videos that he does regularly. This kind of coaching is difficult to attain from your regular club coaches and Mencinger’s channel does a great job at it.

Channel link:

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3) Essential Tennis – Lessons and Instruction for Passionate Players

The channel is run by Ian Westermann, a player who played state university tennis and has a degree in Tennis management, Essential Tennis is different to most of the other tennis coaching channels one can find online. They take the top player as a benchmark and provide insights into how one can practice particular shots like them.

There are many customised courses available with them and they have some in-depth and technical instructional videos. They have super slow-motion videos of some of the top players around the world for every shot in the game.

For example, they break down Roger Federer’s single-handed backhand and talk about all the nuances of the shot. It’s a great channel for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

Channel Link:

4) Top Tennis Training – Pro Tennis Lessons

Top Tennis Training aims to improve the game of players playing at every level of the game. They help the users with every single aspect of tennis and unlike most channels, it is not run by one or two coaches but a whole team of instructors.

Simon Kolov and Alex Slabinksy look after the overall development of the game. For tactics, footwork and fitness, they have some great videos from David Ferrer. David Nalbandian provides insights on the two-handed backhand and returning the serve, Tommy Robredo helps with a one-handed backhand and Sam Growth teaches about the serve.

This is a platform to learn from the best and improve your game.

Channel Link:

5) Intuitive Tennis – All things technique

Technique, footwork and postures are one of the more boring parts of tennis coaching. Every player wants to play rallies when they step on to the court. Working on the technique can be cumbersome and repetitive. Intuitive tennis brings a very different approach to this problem.

They make videos and coach about the ways where you can use the correct technique and postures while playing the game. Their methods keep it fun and entertaining.

Their goal is to improve the fundamentals of the game for every player and encourage them to play as much as they can while their technique improves itself. Target practice against the wall or using only one hand while playing are just some of the ways they suggest that indirectly improves your technique.

The channel is run by Nicola Aracic who is a former top 40 NCAA D1 player. He also has over two decades of coaching experience behind him.

Channel Link:

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6) Top Speed Tennis – Applying Golf Principles to Tennis

Clay Ballard is an expert in biomechanics and has taught golf for several years. He is an avid tennis fan and has successfully created some great videos that use the techniques he has learnt from golf and applies it to tennis. His main aim is to focus on body movements rather than specific instructions.

For each shot that you play, he breaks down each movement and teaches the importance of it. Channel’s videos stress on the fact that the correct method of each movement will help in improving one’s technique and the overall game. This is difficult to understand when you are watching the game at full speed but when broken down in slow motion, the concepts are much easier to understand.

Channel Link:

7) Brian Dabul: Former ITF number one player

Dabul was a former ATP player who was as high as number 80 in singles rankings. He has played in the main draws of all the Grand Slams and has faced likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Milos Raonic on the tour. His channel focuses on drills, routines, shot creation as well as other technical sides of the game like picking the correct equipment for the sport.

He gives a great insight into how players on the tour work behind the scenes. Dabul also teaches specific drills for each shot in the game. He also focuses on the fitness side of things and provides all the instructional videos on aspects that a local tennis club coach would cover.

Channel Link:

8) Fuzzy Yellow Balls – Virtual Analytics Coach

Fuzzy Yellow Balls is a channel that teaches tennis using videos of top players, implementing it on the court and breaking it down for better understanding. They use high definition videos both in the regular and slow-motion speed of actual match footage from the tour. After that, they use a virtual screen to show the correct movements, footwork and positioning.

They cover almost every single aspect of the game and give a detailed insight on how to approach the game better. Fuzzy Yellow Balls do specific videos on what may be a weakness in your game and hot to overcome that. For example what to do if you are getting passed a lot or if your opponent is playing a lot of high balls. This is a very unique method of teaching and the videos are extremely interesting and popular.

Channel Link:

We hope that you enjoyed our collection of best tennis coaching channels on youtube. Do let us know if you have any other suggestions to add to the list.

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Top Court Tennis Coaching Free Trial
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