Looking to buy Paris Masters Tickets? Here's how to do it.

2019 Rolex Paris Masters Tickets Details

The ninth and the final tournament in the Masters 1000 series is the Paris Masters and it will be played later this year from the last week of October this year. Latest information on the Paris Masters Tickets has been released and can be found below.

The tickets for the 2019 Paris Masters is on sale for the general public now and considering how important and popular this tournament is, it is a good idea to get your hands on these tickets at the earliest, from the official website.

This edition of the Paris Masters begins on October 26, and will goon till November 3. It is an indoor court tournament. The venue for the tournament is AccorHotels Arena, in the neighborhood of Bercy in Paris, France.

The tickets for the tournament are currently on sale on the official website of the tournament. As it is a prominent tournament and most of the world’s best players take part in the tournament, it is advised that you get your tickets as soon as possible because they sell out quite quickly.

A complete schedule of the tournament as well as other practical information such as safety information, access to the arena and the list of players participating are mentioned in detail on the official website of the tournament so one can make an informed decision regarding the purchase of tickets.

Paris Masters 2019 Schedule

The 2019 edition of the Paris Masters begins on October 26 and will be played across the week leading up to November 3. Find below the daily schedule of the Paris Masters 2019.

  • Saturday, October 26: Qualifying, 10 am
  • Sunday, October 27: Qualifying, 10 am
  • Monday, October 28: 1st Round, 11 am/7.30 pm
  • Tuesday, October 29: 1st Round, 11 am/7.30 pm
  • Wednesday, October 30: 2nd Round, 11 am/7.30 pm
  • Thursday, October 31: 3rd Round, 11 am/7.30 pm
  • Friday, November 1: Quarterfinals, 2 pm/7.30 pm
  • Saturday, November 2: Semifinals, 11.45 am
  • Sunday, November 3: Final, 12.15 pm

Paris Masters 2019 Tickets Information

The tournament is played in two sessions; day session and the night session. Tickets are available for the day session and night session separately as well as in a day and night package. The semi finals and the finals ticket will be categorized under the day session only.


The single Day + Night session tickets start from €25. This particular ticket will give you access to all the matches played, from the beginning of the matches in the morning to the very last match at night.

The single ‘Day’ session tickets start from €13. In this you are eligible to attend all the matches played during the day, that is all the matches from 11 am on Monday to Thursday and from 2 pm on Friday to 7 pm in the evening.

The single ‘Night’ session tickets start from €19. In this you are eligible to attend all the matches that commence after 7:30 pm in the evening util the end of the last match of the day is played.

It is important to know that based on how the matches play out and to make sure that there is sufficient time space between the two sessions, the FFT reserves the right on any given day to take off a match or two from the day session and hold it in the evening session. In this case, the day session might end earlier than the scheduled time and the ticket holders are not entitled to any sort of refund or exchange on their tickets.


The VIP tickets start at €140. A VIP ticket gives you an entry into the VIP stands where you will have a larger, more comfortable space all to yourself. You will also have access to the Loges et Salons entrance and free access to the lounge area.


Supporter Package

Through this you can come cheer for your beloved player and get to attend to the top seeds entering. This package is for Monday, 28 October and Tuesday, 29 October 2019.

Sensation Package

The sensation package allows you to follow the top seeded players entering by benefiting from the days when most number of matches are played. This package is for Tuesday, 29 October and Wednesday, 30 October 2019.

Emotion Package

This will allow you to attend the highest leveled matches and you will get to witness the crowning ceremony. This package is for Thursday 31st October to Sunday, 3rd November.

Passion Package

This package is for the entire tournament and will give you access to all the events.This package is for, Monday 28th October to Sunday, 3rd November.

How to Order Tickets for 2019 Paris Masters?

The Paris Masters tickets can be ordered from the official website here. You can also use some of the other methods mentioned below to purchase your tickets to this last Masters tournament.


Tickets which are ordered through the internet are called e nominative tickets. They will be made available on the account of the buyer. The buyer is supposed to assign a respective name and surname to each of the tickets before downloading them and printing them before the validity date of the ticket.


Tickets will be available at the venue. Note that, only the available seats will be on sale as most of the tickets are booked online. So it is better that you plan beforehand and book the tickets online.


The tickets for the qualifier will be on sale at the stadium counter on the day of the match.

NOTE: Tickets cannot be booked over telephone.



The booking of tickets between 18 June to 25 June will be reserved for the FTT Club.

Children under the age of 4

There is free entry for children who are under the age of four given that the child sits on the person’s lap.

Group Controls

For making large number of bookings, specifically 40 or more tickets, contacts should directly be made to b illetterie.rpm@fft.fr .

People with Disabilities:

If you are disabled and are in a need of wheelchair, contacts should directly be made at AccorHotels Arena directly on 01 46 91 57 68. If you have an issue other than this, a message is to be sent at contact@accorhotelsarena.com explaining the problem and giving your room numbers and the rest will be taken care of.


An official and secure reseller service is available on the official site. The resale will open from October 2019.

Resale tickets will only be sold in batches of one or more tickets. When you end up buying a lot of tickets, simultaneously you will have to buy all the tickets to make up for that lot. Resale tickets will be sold at original rate + 20% for the new buyer. If you buy tickets through resale, you will nit be able to resell them yourself.

When will you receive the refund?

The money is refunded at the end of the tournament, before the end of December by the use of the bank details provided by you during the purchase of the tickets when your ticket is sold. You will receive an update through your email when your ticket is sold and the exact terms of repayment once the tournament is over.

It is not necessary that the tickets you have put on resale are sold. In case they are not sold, you will not be refunded but you are still eligible to use those tickets yourself.

What to do if Paris Masters 2019 Tickets are Sold Off

Since this is the last Masters tournament of the year, it has a lot of bearing on the ATP Rankings, especially since the clamour to finish as the year-ending number one player heats up. As a result, the demand for these Paris Masters tickets also shoots through the roof, especially on days some of the Fab Three are playing.

Always that chance then that the Djokovic, Federer or Nadal matches are sold off before you have had time to book the tickets for the Paris Masters Open. In that case, what you could do is to buy your Paris Masters tickets from a secondary ticket sale websites like Viagogo.com for your requirements.

You must, however, understand that while it’s safe to buy these Paris Masters tickets from Viagogo, they will also be cost bit of a premium. As the name suggests, these are secondary sale sites where fans can buy or sell their tennis (and other sports) tickets.

Here’s a step by step guide how you can buy your Paris Masters tickets using Viagogo.

  1. Go to Viagogo.com here and create your account with them and log in to your account
  2. Scroll down to chose which day you want your tickets for the Paris Masters
  3. Select the number of tickets needed, choose if you want to be seated together or not and click on Continue
  4. Choose your tickets, see them on the map next to it & click on Select
  5. Verify you have the right tickets and the seating, click on Continue, and choose your Delivery and Payment options over the next two screens.
  6. Once you have reviewed the information, make the payment and you should soon receive the tickets

Another such secondary ticketing website is Stubhub and you can use a similar method above to buy any tennis or sports tickets that are available on their site