Looking to understand what are tennis accumulators and how do these accumulators work? Here’s our ultimate guide on everything related to tennis accumulator betting; read on.

Tennis accumulators betting or tennis accas is just one of the types of betting methods available on any tennis match or tournaments. The main difference between accumulator and other types of betting lies in it allows more than one selection at a time which is prevalent only in this type of tennis betting.

What is Accumulator Betting?

A bet that combines multiple bets together and provides bundled odds for all of them is called an Accumulator Bet. It increases the risk of losing because more than one bet needs to come right for the punter to win the Accumulator, but at the same time the odds are much better than betting on just of the multiple selections.

Why Tennis Accumulator?

One of the chief reasons why tennis accumulators are the second only to football accumulator in terms of popularity among punters is the available odds for some of the top player matches are quite often one-sided. In men’s tennis especially, the chances of an upset are lower and that allows punters to bundle up multiple, low-odds-paying top matches into a single Accumulator bet.

Mechanism of Tennis Accumulator Betting

Tennis accumulators are just like binding multiple bets into one for an obvious purpose. This process can generate higher dividends than placing just one bet at a time but only with higher risks. Building these accumulators is an easy task especially on the platforms that are working online these days and with bookmakers who allow tennis accumulator betting on their website.

You need to set more than one selection, on few sites the limit of minimum selections is five or more selections to set accumulators. These selections are also termed as folds – i.e. four selections as a part of an accumulator is called a four-fold accumulator or a four-fold acca.

Accumulators are tricky and need a selection of bets with utmost care as even one false selection can ruin the whole process and the end result can be a total loss of investment. The success of all selections can guarantee a much higher rate of returns compared to any other type of tennis betting.

A Tennis Accumulator Example:

Tennis Accumulator Example
An example of a three-selection tennis accumulator

Here’s an image of a three-fold tennis accumulator.

I have selected Magdalena Rybarikova to overcome the scratchy Garbine Muguruza in a surprise win, Angelique Kerber to ensure she lives up to her seeding against Victoria Azarenka and favourites Hradecka and Klepac to clinch a win too in the doubles section of the Monterrey Open.

If all my selections end up being correct, a £1 bet will return £11.83, i.e. a profit of £10.83 – huge returns but it comes with the risk that if even one of these selections lose out, then I lose all my investment.

And this is just a three-fold accumulator. Bookmakers usually don’t have a limit on the number of selections you can make for accumulators. More the selections, the higher are your returns but the risks also increase that much more.

Tennis accumulators can be categorized in two ways; Bonus on winnings and Insurance.

Insurance in Tennis Accumulators:

If you lose your accumulator by just one selection, there is good news as in this case bookmakers generally return losing bet as a free stake. Isn’t that amazing?

Bonus on Winning a Tennis Accumulator:

If you win the accumulator having a specific minimum number in it according to the requirements of platform, bookmakers can pay a bonus besides the amount you win from that accumulator.

Best Sites to Bet Tennis Accumulators:

Setting accumulator needs a few points to consider before you commit your money in it. Choose bookmakers that provide bonuses on each win. Prefer those bookmakers that provide highest bonus amounts compared to other bookmakers. We have shortlisted the three best platforms that provide highest bonus on wins.


With up to 50% bonus amount for new customers, bet365 is one of the leading platforms to bet on a tennis accumulator. The process of developing accumulator is quite easy on this site.

First, select the player you think can be the winner of the contest followed by setting a betting market for any of the current tournament match. It may be a single or double one, depending upon your preference. Further, you can choose from pre-match accumulator on more than two selections from any of your favorite tournament.

There are a few conditions to win these bonuses. If stake has fully been cashed out the bonus won’t apply in this case. When you face the condition where the stake is partially cashed out the amount of bonus determined by remaining active stake. As far as highest bonus amount is concerned, you can earn up to £100,000.

With bet365, following is the bonus you can earn depending on the number of selections.

2 Selections: 5% Bonus
3 Selections: 7.5% Bonus
4 Selections: 10% Bonus
5 Selections: 15% Bonus
6 Selections: 20% Bonus
7 Selections: 25% Bonus
8 Selections: 30% Bonus
9 Selections: 35% Bonus
10 Selections: 40% Bonus
11 Selections: 45% Bonus
12 Selections+: 50% Bonus

Tennis Accumulator Bonus T&Cs:

Up to 70% bonus for accumulators on selected tournaments at bet365.

Applies to pre-match accumulators of 2+ selections on To Win Match, First Set Winner and Set Betting markets. Bonus percentage is dependent on number of selections. Bonus capped at £100k and applied to winnings. Bet restrictions and T&Cs apply. New and eligible customers only.

Winner Sports

Winner is truly a winner in this field. The best thing associated with this platform is the dual effect of bonus which is up to 50% and insurance is up to £25.

The bonus percentages are mentioned below for Winner’s tennis acca while the insurance works this way – a losing stake of up to £25 is refunded when you lose only one selection and have a minimum of 5 or above total selections.

Above all the feature which make it attractive for beginners as well the prestigious bettors is its hefty bonus which can be as high as £100,000.

With Winner, following is the bonus you can earn depending on the number of selections.

2 Selections: 5% Bonus
3 Selections: 7.5% Bonus
4 Selections: 10% Bonus
5 Selections: 15% Bonus
6 Selections: 20% Bonus
7 Selections: 25% Bonus
8 Selections: 30% Bonus
9 Selections: 35% Bonus
10 Selections: 40% Bonus
11 Selections: 45% Bonus
12 Selections+: 50% Bonus


Thing which makes it perfect is higher bonus than other similar platforms which is up to 60%. But you can’t qualify for this bonus until you don’t select up to five selection minimum. The only disadvantage of this site is lower amount of total bonus which is just £10000.

With MansionBet, following is the bonus you can earn depending on the number of selections.

5 Selections: 10% Bonus
6 Selections: 10% Bonus
7 Selections: 15% Bonus
8 Selections: 20% Bonus
9 Selections: 25% Bonus
10 Selections: 30% Bonus
11 Selections: 35% Bonus
12 Selections: 40% Bonus
13 Selections: 45% Bonus
14 Selections: 50% Bonus
15+ Selections+: 60% Bonus

Some of the other bookmakers that also offer excellent tennis accumulators are as follows:

  • 10Bet: They offer bonus between 2% (for three selections) to 50% for 16+ selections. A maximum bonus of £10,000 is offered, and minimum odds of 1.5 are needed for the bonus to be paid out.
  • Boylesports: They have an insurance on the tennis accumulators instead of a bonus. If you have five or more selections in your tennis acca and one of the legs loses, you can claim a losing stake of up to £20.

Other than the aforementioned bookmakers, the likes of William Hill, Betfair, Betway, and Unibet also offer tennis accumulators but there’re no insurances or bonuses associated with these bookmakers.

Strategies to Win Tennis Accumulators:

To win any game, proper strategy plays a key role and when it comes to betting its importance increases manifolds. If you are a potential bettor and want to win bets, follow the below given strategies to maximize the chance of the win.

Players Match-up and Playing Surfaces:

Your strategy to set accumulators begins with evaluating the strengths of players involved in that particular match. Their rankings, track record can play an important role in determining the chance of a win for a particular player. Like Dominic Thiem, who is a strong player on clay, and it might make sense to back him in his encounter on that surface against a similarly-ranked player.

So the first strategy is to assess the strength and weakness of each player. Some players like to play at a particular surface. So, when you prepare the strategy, playing surface should get your due attention. So should head to head, because

Motivational Factors:

This is often a neglected factor to determine the result of each competition. The player which can gain more than the opponent will try more to win the competition compared to the player which has nothing to lose in any particular competition. So, setting bet on a player which is more motivational and physical fitness on that particular day compared to opponent deserve more of your attention.

Search for the Best Platform:

Finding a site which offers the best odds on each win should be your first choice for betting. Pre-match or pre-tournament time is the right time to find out the best site which offers the best odds for each win and for the whole accumulator.

Watch the Match Closely:

Each tennis tournament of tennis gets proper TV coverage these days. Besides this, main betting sites also provide tennis live streaming on their respective platforms where anyone can get proper information properly.

Main Events for Tennis Accumulators:

There are non-stop tennis tournaments throughout the years. The most prestigious tournaments include four Grand Slams which has the highest winning awards.

ATP and WTA are also considered as prestigious tournaments are and attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers annually. Particularly their finals are more sensational and worth watching and betting because they play an important role in setting rankings of players.

And then there are a variety of lower-level tennis tournaments like the Challengers and Futures events which also allow you to go for the the tennis accumulator options.


Betting on tennis especially tennis accumulators are very popular these days. To win these accumulators, proper strategy is the need of the hour. Your strategy should revolve around assessing the strengths of each player involved in the competition, the playing surface and selecting the sites which offer the best odds for tennis accumulators.

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