While betting on tennis is not as tricky as playing a game of chess against a professional, caution needs to be taken or else it can cost one their money. Like any other organized activity betting on tennis has few rules to follow in order to take part in it and have some strategies to deploy in order to earn maximum profit from these bets. The article under review is focused on the rules and strategies that you must keep in mind when you bet on tennis next time in order to place yourself in a favorite position to achieve your goals.

What are the Rules of Tennis Betting

Every game has its own rules and regulations, so has tennis betting. These rules sometimes change from one bookmaker to another but here only those rules that are commonly used will be discussed. These rules are meant to make the betting process easy to understand and fair.

Match Completed

Under this rule, in order to stand your bet, whole much must be completed. In the case of a partially played match due to the retirement of any of the player due to injury or any other reason, your bet is considered as void and your stake will be returned. In the current era, most of the bookies follow this rule.

One Set Completed

According to this rule, at least one set needs to be completed for your bet to stand. In this rule even if the match wasn’t competed and just one set was completed before the match abandoned due to the retirement of a player or any other reason, your bet still stands and you will win or lose your stake according to the outcome of that one set.

Your bet is considered void if not even a set has been completed. In this condition, your stake will be returned back to you.

Two Sets Completed

This rule is similar to one set completed rule. The difference here is your bet will stand only if at least two sets have been completed in the match. It means if a player has retired or the match was abandoned due to any other reason before two sets were completed your bet is considered as void and you will bet your stake back.

Ball Served

Some bookmakers declare the result of your bet based on even only one serve before the match is canceled due to any reason including the retirement of a player. This rule is adopted by only a few bookies.

The below table shows a list of different online bookmakers and the rule they apply on your tennis bet to stand.

Tennis Bookmakers Rules

What are the Tips & Strategies to Win in Tennis Betting

In this section top strategies to win the tennis bets are given. If you are eager to win big through these bets, you need to follow these strategies.

Don’t Just Be a Fan, Be a Follower of Tennis

Should you wish to start betting on tennis, you will need to have an abundance of knowledge about it. We don’t simply mean knowing just the top players and favourites, your knowledge has to go beyond that. Keep yourself updated on all fronts in tennis. Depending on which level of tennis you are betting on, you need a comprehensive understanding of the players, their match-ups, their strong and weak surfaces and their recent form too. It also helps to know how different playing styles will pan out against one another.

Court surfaces play a major role in determining how a match pans out. The different surfaces change certain aspects of tennis like the bounce, speed of ball, ease of movement around the court and more. Naturally, this influences the players’ game, and might help a weaker player on his/her favourite surface to fight a stronger player.

Another aspect to be mindful of is the head-to-head between the two (or four) players. While this is not always going to hold true, knowing the head to head between two players will only help you understand how a match-up between them plays out.

All of this is going to better your chances of placing the right bet, no doubt; but what really matters is that if you have a deep knowledge of all things tennis, it will enable you to pick those matches where the underdog can pull off an upset. As you know, betting on the favourite will give you rather small returns, but rightly betting on the underdog will give you a windfall of winnings.

Betting on Points

As saying goes, luck favors the brave, same applied to tennis betting. If you keep betting on stronger players in the match, you aren’t going to earn much as bookies are well aware of it and the odds represent the same.

So, besides betting on the result of the match, you need to explore other ways to bet too. For example, you can bet on the next points and so on. Predicting the full match result is quite easy but predicting the next two points result is going to be a lot riskier but it is where you can try your calculated luck to earn more.

A lot of bookmakers allow betting on the next two points’ outcome. Odds here too will be representing the match result like a scenario where you can earn low amounts on stronger players compared to the weaker one.

Here you can play your calculated trick by betting on the weaker player when he is serving. As we are all aware, the server has the higher chances to get the points and your bets can be fruitful in this situation.

Try Handicap Betting Strategy

To get an in-depth guide on what is a tennis handicap with examples, click here.

Betting on the match result has little worth unless an upset happens. Betting on stronger player can’t bring you that much rewards you want and bet on the weaker player is again too dangerous to bet.

There is another way of betting where you can earn more money still betting on the stronger player. Handicap betting strategy involves a different technique, here betting involves the performance of both players and not the overall result. Here the player who wins most games after applying the handicap is declared as a winner without seeing the final result of the match.

To understand it better, take the example of a match between Roger Federer and a low-ranked player.

Here, let’s assume Federer is given a -5 handicap while the low-ranked player would get +5 handicap. The final result goes according to expectations and Federer wins three-set the match 6-3, 6-2.

When the handicap applied on Federer, who wins 12 games against the other player’s five, the result will still be a win of Federer with 12-5=7 games as opposed to the handicap on offer.

In this wager, you can earn more from betting on stronger players as in handicap odds on Federer are much higher compared to full match result.

Betting on Sets

Betting on sets is better strategy rather than betting on the whole match result. Here you have to predict how much sets a player will win.

Predicting and betting based on this is normally well known as a stronger player has a higher chance to win each set. But the probability to win a particular set is lower than winning the whole match, therefore the little risk is involved in this type of betting but with higher rewards make it worth betting.

Going for the Tennis Accumulators

Tennis Accumulators or Tennis Accas are explained in a greater detail here, but to give you a gist, it’s a small bet on a collection of betting lines for which you get paid only if all of them come win. In short, if you punt a a total of a quid on four different tennis results on a given day and all four results end up correctly, you will get far greater returns. It’s a high-risk strategy in that all the results need to come right for you to win the bet but it’s a highly rewarding one.

Once you are attuned to how betting on tennis works, you can try out a few tennis accumulators we offer from time to time here.

Making Use of Tennis Offers

Different bookmakers offer a whole host of tennis betting offers and promotions and it’s good to sign up with as many of them to avail of these offers. Usually, these offers pay out for the first losing bet in the form of a bet or at times even withdrawable cash but it’s always good to read the fine-print mentioned under the respective bookmaker’s terms and conditions. More on this can be found here.


Every game has its own rules and conditions to play to make it more fair and easy to understand. All bookmakers follow specific rules that any punter must learn before he starts betting on any specific platform. To win the bet, knowing the best strategies is equally important as is knowing its rules. Whenever you bet next time to earn big, knowledge of these rules and betting strategies can help you to achieve this goal.