Federer’s 2012 Win & The New Generation to Take Over Wimbledon 2024?

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As we count down the days from the 2024 edition of Wimbledon, former coach to Roger Federer, Paul Annacone, relates a tale of resilience from the Swiss great during the 2012 tournament.

Despite sustaining a back injury early in the competition, Federer went on to win the Wimbledon title that year. Annacone recalled the emotional rollercoaster he and Federer had experienced in previous years, particularly at the US Open, where Federer suffered heartbreaking defeats to Novak Djokovic.

In 2010 and 2011, Federer lost matches at the US Open despite having match points, and Annacone empathized with his disappointment. But Federer continued to have a positive outlook, embracing that tennis had its wins and losses, and he had ‘no right winning.’

Then came the 2012 victory, in which Federer battled through back troubles and had initially made life difficult for him even to play.

Regardless of the odds stacked against him, his perseverance and fortune gradually improved, and he went on to win the whole thing.

Annacone’s story illustrates not only Federer’s exceptional talent but also his mental fortitude and ability to overcome adversity on the tennis court. It showcases the remarkable journey of a tennis legend.

Djokovic Sees Toughness in Alcaraz

The 2023 Wimbledon final will be remembered for one reason – the rise of a new star. At just 20 years of age, Carlos Alcaraz did something extraordinary. He defeated the mighty Djokovic in a crunch final to take his first win.

He became the first winner, including Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, and Murray, to win a Wimbledon title since 2002.

The legend Djokovic himself was of full praise for the youngster.

In response to a question about whom he’d compare Alcaraz to, Djokovic acknowledged that many have noted elements of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and himself in the young player’s game. This recognition was an implicit endorsement of Alcaraz’s potential.

Djokovic then delved into specifics, praising Alcaraz’s mental resilience and maturity, especially impressive for a 20-year-old. He noted Alcaraz’s “Spanish bull” mentality of competitiveness and fighting spirit, qualities often associated with Nadal. Djokovic also highlighted similarities in their two-handed backhands, defensive abilities, and adaptability.

When Alcaraz was informed of Djokovic’s assessment, he appeared pleasantly surprised. Alcaraz, the first player outside the “Big Four” (Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, and Murray) to win Wimbledon since 2002, acknowledged Djokovic’s remarks but maintained his identity as a “full Carlos Alcaraz” with unique abilities drawn from various players.

The win from Alcaraz also indicates that there is new talent on the court, and the world should be getting ready to see much more of Alcaraz in the coming years.

With the hype around Carlos, there is already a buzz among the fans, and it can be a reminder for you to secure your Wimbledon tickets in time for the next tournament.

Passing the Baton

With Djokovic becoming the last standing player of the Golden Generation, there is an indication that the torch is passed to the next generation. Djokovic is the last of the Golden Trio – Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

Over the decades, the three have savoured eventful battles, bringing thousands of new fans to Wimbledon and every other Grand Slam worldwide. One of the reasons securing your Wimbledon tickets is a hassle has much to do with these three.

Their intense competition and rivalry attracted millions of fans worldwide and helped build the game.

Now Federer has retired, Nadal will retire next year.

Just Djokovic remains.

Acknowledging the guard’s changing, Djokovic expressed that the emergence of the next generation of players, led by world number two Carlos Alcaraz, breathes fresh air into the sport.

He sees this not as a threat but as a positive development to see the new faces on the court and applauds the new players.

He stated, “A new generation is here already. Alcaraz is playing fantastic tennis. It’s also good for our sport to have new faces and new guys coming up.

We’ve been saying for years that we can expect that moment when you have a kind of shift of generations. I’m still trying to hang in there with all of them. I still have the hunger to keep going.

Let’s see how far I’m going to play.”

While Djokovic became the men’s player with the most Grand Slam titles, with 24, it still feels like the Serbian great will continue for at least two more seasons.

And the Wimbledon is one tournament he will be back in full strength. With Alcaraz snatching the win last time around, the mental toughness in Djokovic will be to come back stronger next year.

At 36, he is still going strong, and it feels like he has the life to keep going. With Djokovic in complete confidence for another successful season, Djokovic will eventually retire as the most accomplished player of the three.

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