Wimbledon Debentures Out for Sale from March 28

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Tennis fans with deep pockets have been waiting for this for some time now and according to sources will need to dish out £100,000 for a Wimbledon debenture ticket when they are released later this week.

Wimbledon has announced the highly elite Wimbledon tickets for the period of five years between 2021 and 2025 will go up on sale on Thursday, March 28 and 2,520 of these Centre Court debentures will be available for sale. The online ticket window will open at 10 am local time.

What’s interesting to note is that despite the high cost of each of these debenture tickets, the demand for these offerings is expected to out-strip the supply.

Last time it went on sale, the Wimbledon Debentures cost its buyers a whopping £50,000 and while the official price for this year’s debentures is yet to be released, rumour is, it would cost about £100,000 per debentures.

Debentures are not just Wimbledon tickets, they are also financial instruments that can be traded. Individual tickets for Centre Court can also be re-sold by the owners of these Debentures for a higher price than the market price of the Centre Court tickets.

However, for those using the debentures tickets for themselves can be expected to be pampered with an exclusive entrance. It also allows them an access to direct views of the outside courts, and specially-prepared lunch menu by celebrity chefs Albert Roux and Bryn Williams.

In its 99th year, the Wimbledon debenture programme has helped the tournament to sponsor the construction of various courts, including the Centre Court, Courts 1, 2 and 3, and a 2,600 sq ft Wimbledon Shop.

Incidentally, sold for the first time in 1920 they had made £100,000 for Wimbledon that year which had helped them build the Centre Court. And if the aforementioned rates of the Debentures are believed to be true, it will earn Wimbledon a whopping £250m.

Get all the information on how to buy Wimbledon Debenture tickets here. If you are looking to buy individual Wimbledon tickets at a more reasonable cost, because not all of us possess a hundred thousand quid obviously, then you can head here to get all information on buying Wimbledon tickets.

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